Active Citizenship

Our Active Citizenship workshops promote critical thinking and democratic engagement by exploring current affairs, social issues and analysing media articles. They are designed to encourage participants to be more active in their thinking of what’s going on in their communities and wider society. 

Active Ciitizenship

Previous workshops have focused on:

  • promoting a better understanding of the Scottish and UK voting systems
  • building confidence in voting and promoting critical thinking
  • challenging the status quo and looking at issues of equality and freedom
  • highlighting the influence of the media and its impact on attitudes and opinions

Our Active Citizenship workshops are designed for:

  • hard-to-engage groups
  • individuals who do not engage in the democratic process of voting
  • groups who are socially excluded
'I always believed what was on the telly news or in the papers but beginning to see how the facts can be used rightly or wrongly to suit the politicians and not the punters.'
Previous Participant
'I think I’ll vote the next time – feeling I understand a bit more about it being important to do it, because before I thought my vote didn’t count.'
Previous Participant

If you’d like to find out more about these workshops, please get in touch.