Barrhead Drama

Since September 2018, In Cahootz has been providing drama workshops for children aged 5 years + in the G78 area that are inclusive and accessible with no fees applied when possible. Following on from that success Dunterlie Adult Drama began in 2021 in response to demand from adults in the area.

Barrhead Drama

Young People

We currently work with around 60 young people in Barrhead delivering drama workshops to our 3 groups – Acting Aces, Drama Llamas and Barrhead Youth Theatre. We engage with children and young people from all primary and high schools in the area. Our work develops through consultation with the young people and we explore topics, themes and social issues that are important to them. 

Our drama workshops help to improve and develop confidence, social skills, empathy and theatre skills, however, most of all, the emphasis is on having lots of fun within a nurturing and creative environment. Our participants are encouraged to take their learning further leading to a more positive impact on their home and school life.

We have young volunteers from our Barrhead Youth Theatre Group who volunteer with our younger groups and have also crossed over and had some experience with our Creative Citizens project.

In 2021, In Cahootz Barrhead Drama was a finalist in two categories at the All About Barrhead Awards. Our mental health project Mindful of Me was nominated for Initiative of the year and In Cahootz  took the top prize for Impact in the Community. In Cahootz is now very much embedded in the daily life of the Barrhead community.

Dunterlie Adult Drama

Our Dunterlie Adult Drama Group started as a pilot in 2021, supported by Barrhead Housing Association in response to a project based on recovery from lockdown. This project was very well received and very much needed in the area. 

Like our approach with all our work, this project is participant-led and we explore themes and issues that are important to our participants. As well as learning drama and theatre skills our participants feel less socially isolated, more confident, have improved mental health and well-being and are enjoying having something for themselves. Our workshops run weekly from Dunterlie Resource Centre.

Dunterlie Adult Drama was named ‘Initiative of the Year’ at the ‘All About Barrhead Awards’ 2023.

‘I think it is good, because you get to play games and you get to share your news. It makes me feel happy to be there because you also get to share your emotions and get a couple of challenges to do sometimes.’
Drama Llama
‘Coming to In Cahootz has helped me so much. I’m learning so much skills and it has also helped with my confidence. Thanks for letting me be part of it.’
Dunterlie Adult

Fast Facts

  • Children & Young People
    • Groups (Up to 20 participants)
    • Acting Aces: Mon 4pm – 4:45pm
    • Drama Llamas: Mon 4:45pm – 5:45pm
    • Barrhead Youth Theatre: Mon 6pm – 7.15pm
    • Venue
      St Johns Church Hall
      Aurs Rd, Barrhead, Glasgow G78 2RW
  • Dunterlie Adult Drama
    • Monday 10 am – 12 pm 
    • Venue
      Dunterlie Resource Centre
      38 Stewart St, Barrhead, Glasgow G78 1AL
‘Just wanted to say my girls seem to be loving drama, thank you! It is a good realese and healthy distraction for them, especially when they get caught up in the stresses of school tests, etc.’
‘I love drama because we play games and get to act silly, it’s so fun!’
Acting Aces

Barrhead Drama is or has been Funded by:

  • Barrhead Housing: Brighter Futures
  • Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire: Humanitarian Fund
  • Better Barrhead & Auckenback, Linking Communities: East Renfrewshire Council
  • East Renfrewshire Council
  • Asda Foundation
  • Arnold Clark
  • Tesco: Groundwork
  • Corra Foundation
  • Comic Relief