Funded by East Renfrewshire Council – Community Choices Better Barrhead Fund, Barrhead Housing Association, Bank of Scotland, Tesco and Aviva Community Fund

Since September 2018, In Cahootz has been providing drama workshops for children aged 5 to 14 years in Barrhead that are inclusive at a minimal fee to all.

Upon initial advertising the classes were fully subscribed in 2 hours. Since then classes have always been at capacity and places have been allocated from a waiting list.

Classes are split into age groups and planned to suit. Currently 3 workshops meet weekly with up to 20 children in each.  These theatre and drama workshops help to improve and develop confidence, social skills, empathy and theatre skills, however, most of all, the emphasis is on having lots of fun within a nurturing and creative environment. The themes and ideas are all participant-led and expertly delivered by the two Drama Facilitators. These classes have been overwhelmingly successful and in 2019 In Cahootz was asked to facilitate a Summer Drama Week and to provide further workshops in schools. All classes in the local primary school each enjoyed a 45-minute workshop, including playing games, creating still images, an introduction to improvisation and a song. Pupils and teachers really enjoyed the workshops. This also created more interest in the weekly drama groups. East Renfrewhire council also have asked for more workshops in community centres in Barrhead. Within the workshop structure In Cahootz also encourages participant development, allowing older participants to volunteer with the younger classes. Local High School pupils also volunteer in the workshops and in turn have been able to partake in obtaining a SQA Community Achievement Award.

The children and young people also take part in local community events, like the massive annual Barrhead Hallowe’en Parade, where we include all their families. The children also perform a show at least once a year for the community.  However, above all they are encouraged to take their learning further leading to a more positive impact on their home and school life.

Feedback :

“I wish this was everyday.”   Elena aged 7

” I have learnt lots of new things, I don’t feel shy any more and I’m now confident to stand in front of my whole school and read and sing out loud. I love it. Josie Anna aged 8

“Drama makes me laugh and it teaches me different things.” Gabriel aged 6

“A massive well done to all the kids. You all did amazing tonight. Both you ladies are an inspiration to all the kids that attend. Thank you both for giving our kids the opportunity” Parent

“Well done to everyone tonight and a huge well done and a great big thank you to you both. You have done an amazing job. Personally, I can see a massive difference in my girls and how much confidence has grown!”  Parent