As part of the Creative Citizens Project, In Cahootz began a selection of workshops outwith the usual drama days. This was in response to participants enjoying a variety of different elements of the arts and creative sector that they would not usually have the opportunity to explore. These workshops included Art, Creative Writing, Film, Lighting, Music, Pop culture, Stage Management and Videography.

As part of the film workshops, 4 short films have been produced all throughout the Global pandemic. Over zoom consultations and small in-person meetups when permitted. All videos link to the In Cahootz Vimeo page and open in a new screen.

December 2020

“Blowin’ in the Wind” Written by Kate Black & Annmarie Strain. Directed by Annmarie Strain

“Giga Whits” Written & Directed by James Ramsay

“Unfriendly Neighbourhood Bug” Written by The Cast & Directed by Philip Foley

June 2021

“A View Fae the Windae” Written & Directed by Annmarie Strain