At the end of each set of workshops the participants are asked to fill out an evaluation of the content its self and the InCahootz process.


“Very informative groups, I know more now I think using peoples own experience in the role play was powerful and worked well.”

“I think the workshops are very valuable taking part was fun and I learned about something I knew nothing about. The facilitator Kate was great people and very easy going.”

“There should be more of them helps stop ignorance.”

“I enjoyed it and it didn’t think I had a problem with it anymore until we done it.”


“Good icebreakers, well facilitated lots of opportunity to get involved in conversation wide range of participants”

“The facilitated group was very interesting for me, helped build my confidence.”


I actually identified needs and strengths in colleagues from this course. We were able to support each other’s skills to the benefit of our learners.” – East Dunbartonshire Teacher

“We were given advice at the time on how best to use the activities as strategies to improve behaviour and focus” – East Dunbartonshire Teacher

“I found the course really inspiring and left every week with lots of ideas and enthusiasm.”– East Dunbartonshire Teacher

“I think this has made me more creative and encouraged me to let the children be more independent. I have used many of the ideas and all were worthwhile and enjoyed by the children” – East Dunbartonshire Teacher


“Very nice girls taking workshop”

“Gets you thinking about our outlook on other people and the community”

“I found it a lot easier to take stuff in because there was a bit of fun in it instead of just sitting there listening”

 “Very worthwhile gives me even more awareness of the prejudices I still use and have although I know they are wrong”

“The acting was a good way of expressing ideas. Acting scenarios made the issue more realistic”


“It has improved peoples confidence and self esteem gave them a purpose and allowed them to be part of a group and bond with their peers. It has tested peoples commitment and hard work.”

“I think it helped us believe if you can put your mind to it you can do it”

“I think it was a great experience and would like to try again maybe in the future.”