A Creative Citizens Production in collaboration with Turning Point Scotland

Haw Hen

by Martin Travers

Directed by Kate Black

Set & Costume Design by Rachel Mimiec

Performed on 5 & 6 September at Maryhill Burgh Hall, Glasgow

Haw Hen was inspired by material gathered from workshops with community groups during and after the 2014 independence referendum campaign. It was found that many people, especially women, had the attitude that their opinion did not count or it was not valued even by themselves. The research conducted by In Cahootz with women from across Glasgow was fascinating. Haw Hen draws on the hopes, opinions and fears collected in this research.

Haw Hen is set around a hen night that takes place on the day of the referendum where all opinions are laid out to be explored.  There are undecided voters, those who just do not care, the Yahooing Yeses and the Noisy Nos. All are thrown together on a banged up boogie bus. Will the bride ever make it down the aisle?


The play gave a level platform to the Ayes, the Naws, the Cannae Make Up Ma Minds and the Cannae be Bothereds. The cast have been brilliant and brave taking on and owning the play.” Martin Travers, Playwright

“I have enjoyed this experience it came along at the right time for me. I have become more confident and able to mix with new people more openly.” Cast Member

“It was an enjoyable experience and I can’t fault it.” Cast Member