Funded by The National Lottery, Community Fund – Awards for All

A Barrhead Drama Project starting in September 2020

Mindful of Me is Barrhead Drama’s new and exciting project due to start in September 2020. This is in response to the participants of the three drama groups who have all expressed a keen interest in mental health. Drama will be the main tool used to engage the participants with how to deal with feelings like being excluded; how social media affects them; the many pressures of growing up in different environments and the experiences of being bullied.

During the weekly drama workshops, the project will explore mental health as described and understood by the participants. The sessions will be done in a positive, enjoyable, entertaining, and sensitive way. This will enable the participants to make a really strong connection with the issues and how best to cope with them. For example, using drama will give them much improved confidence to talk positively about their feelings. The workshops will look at what mental health means to them; what signs demonstrate poor mental health; what help is available and how they can help themselves and their peers.

In Cahootz believes the children will greatly benefit from this project and this in turn will give them confidence to help others. The outcome of the drama workshops will be an engaging show that will be free for the local community, family and friends. Mindful of Me also provides an opportunity for In Cahootz to work with other local community mental health organisations based in Barrhead.

Two very experienced Drama Facilitators will develop and deliver the project using enjoyable sessions such as storytelling and listening, creating characters and situations, team building, building resilience and self-confidence. This project celebrates Barrhead Drama being two years old and the Mindful of Me project brings a new and challenging topic to the group. They believe it will make a difference to them and that the show will have an impact on their peers, family and the local community.

Mindful of Me will run from September 2020 until April 2021 and is free of charge to all participants.