Tackling Sectarianism Workshop Programme

We were funded during 2013-2015 by the Scottish Government to deliver a series of anti-sectarian workshops in partnership with Parent Network Scotland [PNS].  PNS provide peer teaching for parents who want to improve family and community life.   We brought together our main strengths by using drama and parenting techniques to deliver these workshops.

Our work with PNS was successful in targeting parents and helping them to recognise the power and impact sectarian language has on their children.  However, when we assessed our target audience, we felt we really wanted to widen the net and not confine our work to parents only, but to include other adults in the wider family unit.

For 2015-2016, we offered our workshops to adults [18+] in different settings some who are parents, some not, but all have an influence on children and young people’s lives.


Training Community Facilitators Programme

For January to March 2016, we delivered Training Community Facilitators Programme to adults in Glasgow.  This was a eight-week course for interested adults who wanted to learn presentation and facilitation skills, and perhaps go on to deliver an anti-sectarian workshop in their local community, for example, in their local school or community centre.

Tackling Sectarianism Project was funded by the Scottish Government, managed and supported by the Voluntary Action Fund.

Tackling Sectarianism with Parent Network Scotland

Our project ‘Tackling Sectarianism’ was devised and delivered by us in close collaboration with Parent Network Scotland. PNS provides peer teaching for parents who want to improve home and community life. We have worked with PNS on a number of projects, e.g. delivering courses or running focus groups. ‘Tackling Sectarianism’ is a project which focuses on parents recognising the power and impact sectarian language has on their children and communities. We bring together our strengths using drama and parenting techniques to deliver the workshops.


This project took place during 2013-2015 and was funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Voluntary Action Fund.


The U-Turn Project

The U-Turn Project was a Young Offenders’ Project which worked with young men involved in violent and knife crime. The aim of the project was to use Drama and Graffiti Art to work innovatively to challenge their thinking, attitudes and behaviours, to increase self-awareness and offer alternative behaviours in an effort to reduce offending.  The U-Turn Project was a condition of the participant’s community order. 

This was an 8 week project whereby participants attended twice weekly workshops.  The project was funded by South Lanarkshire Council and was support by its Youth Justice Officer.  Each participant gave oral feedback on a video diary after each workshop.  This was used to measure the effect the workshops had on the participants and if attitudes had changed throughout the 8 weeks.  The U-Turn Project ran for over four months with two different groups of young men.

Main outcome | In one block of U-Turn, participants performed to family members at the end of the 8 weeks.  This was a very positive experience for both the young men and their families.  The U-Turn Project aimed to broaden participants’ attitudes and views on violent behaviour and their own behaviour and reactions to different situations.

Comments from particpants |

“It made me think about myself because I don’t normally get asked about myself”.

“Now I know there’s other ways of dealing with stuff”.

and from a worker:
“You can sit and talk about these things in a group, but looking at it in a different way can have a higher impact”. 


HMP Addiewell 

At HMP Addiewell we delivered a programme of drama workshops to adult male prisoners.  These workshops were to challenge attitudes to violence and violent crime as well as develop literacy.  Participants volunteered to take part in the programme of work.  We designed and delivered two 6 week block of workshops with the Learning Academy and in partnership with the Learning Academy Manager.

Main outcome | All participants acitvely engaged with the workshops and as a result explored their own attitutes and feelings on how their behaviour impacts on other people in their lives.


Bag of Tricks

Core staff have delivered the ‘Bag of Tricks’ programme to teachers in North Ayrshire, East Dunbartonshire and to nursing staff at Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children.  ‘Bag of Tricks’ offers practical and interactive drama training and visual art techniques, in the main, for teachers delivering the Curriculum for Excellence.  It is a 6 week block of twilight workshops that look at different drama exercises and visual art techniques that can be used with a class or group for a variety of reasons and in a variety of circumstances.

Main outcome | The participants will go away with a ‘Bag of Tricks’ that can add to existing skills and be used within their school and with their class, as and when they think appropriate.

It is important to emphasise that programme content can be used not only for drama or visual art lessons but also across the curriculum to develop pupil confidence, self-esteem and motivation. This 6 week programme is primarily focussed on the development of new skills that can be used within the classroom but will also impact on personal development.

The 6 weeks are designed to meet participants’ needs. All participants will be asked prior to the training what they most want to get out of it and workshop content for each week will be dependent on their response.

‘Bag of Tricks’ has also been delivered to Career Scotland staff and people who work with young people in Youth Services and Social Work.

The trainers respond each week to the needs of the participants.  We are also flexible in adapting the duration of this programme to suit your needs.

Comments from participants:
“The training was delivered with enthusiasm which rubbed off on me and my class are reaping the rewards.  I think this is the most uplifting, positive course I have been on for a long time.  ,,,I will recommend it to my HT for staff next year”.

“….have already tried several of the activities with great success with a Primary 6 class of 32 children, and will continue to incorporate these into lessons.  Kate was a very good instructor – lessons tailored to our needs and she continually sought clarification of our needs, which was very beneficial.  I shall share this with colleagues”.


 Creativity for Excellence

These are practical workshops to boost creativity and confidence in the delivery of a Curriculum for Excellence.  We have delivered ‘Creativity for Excellence’ to teachers in East Dunbartonshire.

“The teacher, like the artist, the philosopher and the man of letters, can only perform his work adequately if he feels himself to be an individual directed by an inner creative impulse, not dominated and fettered by an outside authority.”    -Bertrand Russell (cited in Kelly 1999:viii)

Over the two workshops the participants will use drama and art activities to explore their own creativity and consider how this experience could support the creative delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence. The workshops are led by specialists in drama and art, and are designed to explore creative thinking and teaching in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Main outcome| The participants will improve confidence with creative risk-taking and develop a language for creativity that takes away some of the anxieties often experienced when dealing with the whole notion of “creativity”.