As part of our CPD programme for teachers, we worked in partnership with East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust [EDLCT] to develop the idea of The Teachers’ Studio Project.

This aimed to develop a whole school approach to embedding creative learning in the curriculum through establishing:

  1. a) a physical space that would act as a studio for teachers to explore a variety of creative activities and encourage experimentation, collaboration and reflection and
  2. b) to integrate the arts with delivering the curriculum over the course of a school day.

A dedicated Teachers’ Studio was created on the ground floor of Clober Primary School in Milngavie.  It was used by the teachers for a CPD Programme on Mondays, and by our Visual Artist and Drama Artist on Fridays to work with the pupils in using the arts and creative learning to develop literacy and numeracy. For the rest of the time, the room was available to teachers to experiment with ideas to use in class and exchange skills and experiences with their colleagues.



During 2013-2015, we worked with East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust [EDLCT] to gather stories and information about people who lived and worked in East Dunbartonshire.

The workshops took place in primary and secondary schools, retirement homes and care centres.  We used a different range of drama and visual arts techniques to explore individual family histories; Introduce and explore East Dunbartonshire artists; stories of the towns and countryside life in East Dunbartonshire; captured their memories and images of their local community through the kind of work they did, their social lives, family occasions and their hopes for the future.

All of this information was then passed on to a design team of architects, town planners and community consultants.  They are now charged with creating a heritage trail throughout the local authority that represents the lives of the local population through their stories.

This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and In Cahootz was pleased to be play a small part in this epic project.