Alongside the main production In Cahootz has delivered various activities in the forms of outreach workshops, creative programmes at our Arts Base or projects in association with other organisations. Some of these workshops have culminated in published work. Here you will find digital versions of the work produced. 


The Significance of Colour

This publication came from Tackling Sectarianism, a four-year programme (2011–2015) that delivered a series of anti-sectarian workshops in partnership with Parent Network Scotland. During this time, we worked with over 40 organisations in central Scotland to explore different ways of reducing sectarian attitudes and behaviours. You can download the publication in PDF format here

'The significance of colour was so important to people during the workshops that it had to be the title for the book'.
Kate Black, Creative Director

Postcards from Pandemic

When the world began to close down in March 2020, In Cahootz Creative Citizens were due to perform Oor Carol & the Seagulls. Keeping everyone busy and creatively engaged was a priority and a What’s App group was created to keep everyone connected and Postcards from Pandemic was born. The group chat was then collated and produced into a newspaper to show how the members kept in contact during lockdown through photos, creative tasks and postcards from all over Glasgow and beyond. In July 2021 the newspaper went on to be an exhibition at Glasgow’s Trongate 103 gallery. You can download the publication in PDF format here.

Whatever Happened to Punky Dunky?

whatever happened to punky dunky

From 2019–2021 Creative Citizens took part in Creative Writing workshops facilitated by playwright and tutor, Jenny Knotts, PhD. Each week participants would work on different texts and writing genres to develop their skills and stories. Over the 3 years these workshops took place in person and online, culminating in this collection of creative writing.

Creative Citizens – Marginalised People’s Experience of Creativity as Part of their Recovery Process: An Analysis.

From June 2018 to September 2020, external evaluator/sociologist Daniela Latina, University of Glasgow, assessed In Cahootz work with people in recovery from addiction, homelessness, and poor mental health. She conducted focus groups and observed the projects entire process in workshops and production, resulting in a published evaluation. The full evaluation is available on request. You can download the publication in PDF format here.