Scarfed for Life

by Martin Travers  

Directed by Kate Black

Set & Costume Design by Rachel Mimiec

Performed in July at Maryhill Burgh Hall, Glasgow

Martin Travers’ play Scarfed for Life was the outcome of a project working with adults from the recovery community in Glasgow who had participated in In Cahootz’s Tackling Sectarianism and Community Facilitators Training Programmes.

Drama Facilitators had used the play text to explore the dynamics and characteristics of sectarianism in Scotland. The play was an incredible resource for the group and encouraged in-depth discussions about the topic. These discussions also boosted their confidence in how to manage their opinions and facilitate the opinions of others.

The group decided they wanted to mount Scarfed for Life as a performance and, with seed funding from Glasgow City Council’s Sense Over Sectarianism project [SOS], this resulted in two public performances.


“ I’m amazed that I stood up and said my lines in front of an audience…..and my kids were so proud of me.” Cast Member

“ The play was very funny and it said some brilliant things about religion and our everyday lives.” Cast Member