Short Films

In response to camera workshops during lockdown, In Cahootz Creative Citizens have been producing a short film every year since 2021 with great success. The films look at topics and themes that are important to the group. You can watch them on our Vimeo Page.

Short Films

A View Fae The Windae

A View Fae The Windae grew from a quote from a participant in our Creative Citizens Project. Referring to a group chat we ran throughout lockdown, they described the experience as ‘How a wee group in Glasgow helped us through a pandemic’.

Our team started exploring the idea of staying connected through weekly Zoom workshops in the months of January to March 2021. The narrative of the story was developed using improvisations, and from each Zoom session a new scene was written and a story was created.

When the world shut down Creative Citizens kept going; they kept being creative, supportive, active citizens and above all, they stayed connected. As it says in the tagline of the film. ‘No matter how lost you may feel, there is always someone waiting to help guide you back on your path. You are never alone…stay connected’.

A View Fae The Windae was selected for the opening event of Scottish Mental Health Film Festival 2022.

She Is…

‘What is she? She’s a lassie, a woman, a person.’

She Is…was inspired by Shakespeare. Our participants looked at various Shakespeare plays and took the main themes and plots as their starting point. A recurring theme was how women were treated; the answer to that is ‘not well’.

Our participants took the themes of inequality, power and misogyny, and explored how relevant they are to women in 2022. ‘She Is…’ is their creative expression of how women are viewed and treated today

‘She is… was a nominee at the Toronto Woman’s Short Film Festival.


‘From the deprived streets, homelessness weeps’

Sparra follows relatable characters across the city of Glasgow whose journeys intertwine.  The cost of living is crippling society and pushing us to our knees and desperation is in the air. When we feel so broken and nowhere to turn the wee Sparra appears. With the flapping of his wings, and the chirping of his song, he brings that little bit of hope that we need to hold on to for another day.

Sparra was created through consultation workshops with our Creative Citizens participants.  It was then developed into a script, rehearsed and filmed in different locations throughout the city.

Sparra on set filming