Tackling Sectarianism

A workshop programme for adults developed to look at reducing sectarian attitudes and behaviours. The workshop programme was also conducted in schools over Scotland with various age groups.

Tackling Secterianism

This four-year programme delivered a series of anti-sectarian workshops in partnership with Parent Network Scotland [PNS].  This programme was part of the Scottish Government’s Tackling Sectarianism campaign to work with over 40 organisations to explore different ways of reducing sectarian attitudes and behaviours.

PNS provide peer teaching for parents who want to improve family and community life. In Cahootz brought together its main strengths of using drama and parenting techniques to help deliver these workshops. These took place in family and early years centres in Glasgow, North Ayrshire and North Lanarkshire.

Working with PNS was successful in targeting parents and helping them recognise the power and impact sectarian language and behaviours have on children. However, when assessing the target audience, it felt there was a need to widen the net and not confine the work to parents only, but to include other adults in the wider family unit.

In 2015-2016, the project continued with workshops delivered to adults [18+] in different settings – some who were parents and some not, but all had an influence on children and young people’s lives.

Funded by the Scottish Government via the Voluntary Action Fund

'Very informative groups, I know more now, I think using peoples own experience in the role play was powerful and worked well.'
Workshop Participant
‘There should be more of them, helps stop ignorance.'
Workshop Participant