Barrhead Drama End of Term Celebration Summer 2024

On Monday 10th June we invited participant families to come along and join our workshops and  show some of our work.

The Acting Aces kicked the evening of sharing games and exercises with their families and had some of their audience up in the performance space to create statues. They ended their section with a movement piece about different transport they might use in their Summer Holidays. 

Next up was the Drama Llamas as part of the summer sharing, instead of performing for parents and families, they were invited to participate in the last workshop, which was inspired by the participants favourite activities. They had the best time, and loved being involved in the workshop. Two younger siblings and one friend have now asked to join In Cahootz.

From April to June the Youth Theatre have been working towards a sharing for their parents/carers. They have been looking at different types of scripts and been working on writing some of their own monologues. They had a few workshops focusing on making and building characters, using character cards and description. From this they then used the character they had created and improvised a scene where all the characters met in a library, this helped them develop their character and how that character would react to others. They then took this and wrote a monologue of how this character’s day had gone, including their thoughts and feelings. The rest of our time was focused on putting together the sharing. They looked at movement and music and working together as an ensemble to create two movement sequences.  All this work came together to create a variety show of performance for their sharing.

 At this time of year, there is a shift in groups with participants moving up age groups. Some participants from Acting Aces will join Drama Llamas, and some Drama Llama participants will join the Youth Theatre in August.



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