Spring Creative Programme

Our Creative Citizens Creative Programme runs in workshop blocks with different creative arts available to take part in each day. This month the timetable featured Cultural Walking Group, Music, Art, Creative Writing, Ceramics and Book Group.

Below the team have given an update on some of the workshops in the Spring Programme.

Music Workshops

The music group has expanded and we are working on a small sharing. We have had a huge variety of different levels join the group, some who have never played a guitar in their life to some who’ve been playing for years. We are currently working on 2 songs to perform in front of the rest of participants on Friday 21st June. The music group are also working on smaller pieces for our exhibition on 19th July. – Ruby 

 Book Group

The first book of the year for our Book Group was ‘Ginger and me’ by Eloise Soave. There were ten of us and we read it at the same pace, reading in the space, gathering around Big Bertha (our resident couch) to discuss what we just read, then deciding what we have to read for the next week. Some of us are regular readers and some only read when they’re in the book group and the discussions always include different perspectives on the story and can get quite colourful 😊. On the last book group we had a double session with us all brining in something to contribute to an group lunch.  To say we had a rerr terr is an understatement. Next book up is…..Paper Cup by Karen Campbell. Looking forward to it. – Kate

 Cultural Walking Group

Walking and talking we have spotted things of interest and inspiration to be explored and researched further in our studio. We have combined our walks with cultural visits and reflected on Glasgow’s history, discovering places and people while enjoying the benefits of walking.

On our walks, we have learned about significant individuals who have impacted the city and its communities, for example, activists like Mary Barbour. – Rachel



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