Wid Ye Credit It?

Written by Martin Travers
Performed by Creative Citizens
Directed by Kate Black & Annmarie Strain
Set & Costume Design by Rachel Mimiec
Lighting Design by Karen Bryce
Performed on 3-5 March 2022 at T4 Tramway, Glasgow

Wid Ye Credit It?

Above: Production Image from Production By Alex Brady

Set in Springwell. All the banks have closed, there’s a problem with litter and the local hard man is on the prowl. However, the local credit union is a hub of activity helping the community save for weddings and satnavs and giving out loans for over-the-top christenings. The play introduces all the colourful characters who live in Springwell, and their crazy exploits; from a country singing beautician with a doctorate in political science to a windae cleaner with ideas above his station. Will it end in a barny or a party? Well, you’ll need to wait and see.

Process: The play itself came from Zoom consultation workshops during the second lockdown (Feb/March 2021). Martin Travers worked with Creative Citizens on a variety of themes and ‘community’ came out strong and how important staying connected was to the group. Martin gave the participants tasks and stimuli to work on. These were presented on Zoom, including a Dragon’s Den style of inventions, describing childhood memories and the places they have lived. Martin, then took these findings to create this new piece of theatre, reflecting the authentic voice of the Creative Citizens participants through humourous characters, songs, and a strong storyline. 

'To be given the opportunity to work with Creative Citizens again is, as always, a bit of an honour…When Kate first spoke to me about the play you are about to see we quickly agreed that after everything everyone has been through, I should write a fast-paced comedy. We all need a right good laugh this weather!'
Martin Travers, Playwright